September 18, 2023

The Intricacies of Animal Behavior and Repellants

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Every homeowner cherishes a well-maintained garden or yard. However, animals like moles, armadillos, and deer can sometimes make this dream a nightmare. Understanding their behavior is crucial in effectively repelling them. In this blog, we’ll explore the fascinating world of animal behaviors and how repellents, especially those from Yard Gard, leverage this knowledge to safeguard our outdoor spaces.

Why Animals Invade Our Yards

Before diving into repellents, it’s essential to understand why animals are attracted to our yards:

1. Food Source: Lush lawns and gardens offer a buffet for many animals, from the roots that moles crave to the plants that deer munch on.
2. Shelter: Soft soil is perfect for creatures like armadillos to burrow and create a home.
3. Safety: Gardens provide a haven from predators, making them attractive to smaller animals.

How Animals Perceive Repellents

Animals have keen senses, and repellents work by targeting these:

1. Smell: Most animals have a heightened sense of smell. Repellents emit odors that animals find unpleasant, deterring them from entering the area.
2. Taste: Some repellents make plants taste bitter or unpleasant, discouraging animals from feeding on them.
3. Sensation: Certain repellents create an uncomfortable sensation on the animal’s feet or body, making the area unattractive.

Leveraging Behavior with Repellents

Understanding animal behavior allows for the creation of more effective repellents. For instance:

1. Territorial Markings: Some repellents mimic the scent markers of predators, making animals believe there’s a threat nearby.
2. Feeding Patterns: By understanding when and what animals eat, repellents can be timed and formulated for maximum effectiveness.
3. Habitat Preferences: Knowing where animals like to shelter or nest can guide where repellents should be applied most heavily.

Yard Gard: A Step Ahead

Yard Gard’s repellents are designed with a deep understanding of animal behaviors. This ensures:

1. Long-lasting Protection: The unique delivery system ensures that the repellents remain effective, reducing the need for reapplications.
2. Safety: The natural ingredients ensure that while animals are deterred, they aren’t harmed.
3. Environmental Responsibility: The eco-friendly formulations protect the yard without damaging the ecosystem.


Repelling unwanted animals from our yards isn’t about creating barriers but understanding and respecting their behaviors. By leveraging this knowledge, Yard Gard offers solutions that are both effective and harmonious with nature. After all, a protected yard is a happy yard

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September 18, 2023


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