October 8, 2014

The Results of the Double Blind Study of Repelling Pest Animals

Yard Gard

A visual aid tells more of the story than just using words, the old adage of a picture is worth a thousand word is demonstrated here.  When BGA Industries, the manufacturer of Yard Gard, first started to develop Yard Gard’s formula, they used the Double Blind Study method. What this means is that all persons involved with the application and recording the results of the product knew which formula was the real Yard Gard formula until after the study was completed and the results were graphed. (See the above graph).

The animal activity was recorded on the vertical axis (Up & Down) and the duration of the effectiveness of the product (Time) was recorded on the horizontal axis (Left & Right). The results were amazing, as you may observe above. Starting at the left side of the graph (Day 1) the amount of animal activity was recorded for approximately 30 different home owner’s lawns. (The spike recorded on Day 1)

On Day 1, after the animal activity was recorded, Yard Gard product was applied to each of the evaluation lawns, the amount of activity is recorded as the “spike” on Day 1. After recording the day’s animal activity, the lawns were raked-over (The current activity results were erased so that the following day any new activity was easily observed and recorded.)

On Day 2, and each following day, the same procedure was followed. Animal Activity was counted and recorded, all activity results were raked-over (erased) so any new activity or lack of activity could be record on the following days. BGA conducted all lawn studies out to 100 days. As you may observe above, even at 100 days, the animal activity was still absent.

As you can observe, the animal activity started to decrease on Day 2 and by Day 10 most all animal activity had ceased altogether in these evaluation home lawns. The each home owner signed off that the results were accurate for their lawn; since the home owners observed the decrease in animal activity in their lawns.

The principle of Yard Gard is Operant Conditioning; which is accomplished by adding a  negative but safe stimulus ingredient (formula) to the soil. All ingredients used are all natural, no harsh man-made chemicals are used. This stimulus is used to operant condition the animal to go elsewhere, This formula of Yard Gard is used without harming the pest animal or harming household pets. BGA came to the conclusion – This Product Really Works!

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Yard Gard

October 8, 2014


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