The Product That Works (See test data below)

The Proven Solution

  • We are the inventors of Yard Gard products.
  • Research was done following the guidelines of various universities and research institution studies.
  • The results of this research are the formulas used in the evaluation tests.
  • A variety of formulas were tested over several years.
  • By thoroughly testing our products, we proved our products does repel animals most effectively.

Double Blind Studies

  • All testing was performed using the double-blind evaluation method.
  • Lawns were labeled and treated generically as products labeled A1, B1, C1 … etc.
  • Formula test results were not revealed until after the studies were recorded and completed.
  • Animal activities were recorded for 100 days and after the studies were completed, the animal activity data was graphed for each site and compiled by each formula name or number.
  • See Yard Gard’s “Activity vs Time” graphs below.
  • The results proved Yard Gard products effectively deterred digging and burrowing animals.
  • The results proved Yard Gard products have the longest lasting effectiveness for deterred digging and burrowing animals.
  • The resutls also proved Yard Gard out performed the leading competitors.

Lasting Effectiveness

  • Natural ingredients decay when exposed to the elements, (weather, water, soil, sunlight, etc.)
  • We developed a patent pending, time-release method using our unique ingredient pellets, which keep the ingredients fresh for longer time period.
  • Our studies were performed for up to 100 days. (The formula was still effective at the end of 100 days. 100 days represents the time span for a typical gardening season.)
  • Our ingredient time release method is why Yard Gard is the longest lasting product.


Got Armadillos? 

Below are the results of our armadillo testing.

Notice that it took approximately 10 – 12 days for the armadillos to leave.

The ingredients need this time to move down into the soil to achieve the correct concentration to repel the animal.

Also, there are often numerous armadillos involved and each animal involved has to smell and taste your treated lawn in order to be trained or conditioned to leave your treated lawn (This is Operant Conditioning).

You may also find that later a stray, unconditioned armadillo will sometimes enter your lawn and sample the soil.  Their actions renders the stray spikes on the graph.

These strays animals will also become “operant conditioned” because they have now sampled your treated lawn.


Yard Gard Armadillo: “Activity -vs- Time” Graph

“Animal Activity” is read on the left side, vertical numbers.

“Time/Days Lapsed” is read on the number of days on the bottom, horizonal numbers.

 Example: At 10 Days Lapsed from product application, the animal Activity is zero (on the bottom horizonal scale).



Got Moles?

Below are the test results of two leading competitors, along with the results of Yard Gard’s all natural mole repellent.

The two competitor graphs show that the mole’s activity never ceased in the lawns treated with those products

(Note: The Activity line never reached the zero activity level, the animal is still present.)

The larger graph below shows the results of the areas treated with Yard Gard’s organic mole repellent.

As you can see, the moles left those lawns and they stayed away for over 100 days.

(Note: The Activity line reached zero activity after 12 days)!

(Note: The animal’s Activity is indicated by the height of the graph’s spike for each day,;the higher the spike, the greater the animal activity for that day.)

The Time is recorded on the bottom, horizonial line from left to right: (1 to 100 days,)


Leading Competitor’s “Activity -vs- Time” Comparison Graphs

  • Two of Our Leading Competetors in Our Test Showed Little To No Reduction in Mole Activity




Below is the Yard Gard All Natural Mole Repellent “Activity -vs- Time” Graph

  • Yard Gard Showed Basically No Mole Activity and It Lasted Over 3 Months


Got Gophers?

Yard Gard Multi-Animal repellent was tested on a golf course that was infested with the pesky gopher, they made 10 to 12 inch high gopher mounds of dirt in the middle of the fairways.

We initially applied Yard Gard’s all natural repellent only to the areas where the gopher mounds were present (See diagram below, each red dot represents a gopher mound).

As the gophers moved from the treated areas, we expanded the treatement application area to include the areas in the ‘Red Boxes’ pictured below.

As you can see the gophers were completely removed from the test area during the evaluation period and remained removed for several months.


Yard Gard Multi-Animal Test Results for Gophers

Additional Information:

Our goal in research testing of our products, is to provide the consumer with an effective, safe and affordable product for repelling animals.

Our product tests have been performed with complete integrity in order to aid you in determining which products on the market were effective in deterring animals and which products did not deter animals.

We also wanted to confirm which of our formulas were the most useful in repelling ground burrowing animals.

We have complete confidence in offering you our product with the guarantee that it will perform as described. We are also confident that you will find that Yard Gard will out preform the other products on the market.

Some products may produce short term results but our product produces results that last for months.

We don’t just think our product works; we have objective test results that prove it works!

We have published our test data below for your confidence that while our repellents are all natural, they actually perform as described.

Removing animals like moles, armadillos, groundhogs, gophers, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, voles, and other digging critters takes time, and depending on the animal type, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to train (condition) the animals to avoid the treated area.

Below are statistical data graphs of our studies and we hope you find this information helpful.