About Us

At Yard Gard, we prioritize quality, safety, and eco-friendliness in all our products. Our extensive network of distributors ensures that our reliable animal deterrents are readily available to customers around the globe. With Yard Gard and our strong partnership with BGA Industries and our trusted distributors, you can confidently protect your property and enjoy a pest-free outdoor experience.

About Yard Gard

Our product is an all-natural animal deterrent that has been tested extensively

  • to not only deter animals
  • but to keep them away for months.

Yard Gard animal deterrents are specially formulated granular products that will not wash away like liquid deterrents.

  • It does not contain animal urine or anything that will confuse and harm your pets.
  • Yard Gard, unlike other products, does not need to be re-applied week after week to keep pests away.
  • Our patented time release formula allows it to last for months.
  • One application will send annoying critters back into their natural habitat and leave your yard and garden looking beautiful.

Yard Gard is completely safe for use around

  • children, 
  • pets,
  • your garden and lawn,
  • the environment
  • it is actually safe for the animal you are deterring;

Yard Gard does not harm the animal, but it does deter and repel them form the treated area.

But the biggest reason to buy Yard Gard animal deterrent is that it is the “product that works!”

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About BGA Industries

To give you a true sense of who BGA Industries is, you first have to know what BGA stands for.  BGA is an acronym for “BGrace Alone” the premise of everything that we do is ‘To God be the Glory’.

In 2007 an idea came about for a product that would keep ground digging critters from digging up beautifully manicured lawns. All types of home remedies, internet concoctions and friendly suggestions were examined; some worked but most did not. But even those remedies that worked, they only did so for a short period of time; every good rain storm we received would simply wash away the material from the lawn and the armadillos would return. (Read more about the Armadillo Deterrent under the “Product” tab on this site.) Naturally this became frustrating to our homeowner and something had to be done!



Shawn Pettis, ACE, PHE

Vice President

BGA Industries LLC was created by a trustworthy, honest, hardworking group of folks who would put forth every effort to take an idea to market. That’s the simple version. There is quite a bit of work and ingenuity that goes on behind the scenes to bring a simple idea into existence. To start, BGA will meet with individuals that have a new lawn and garden concept they believe would be beneficial and profitable to a market. After the meeting process, time and effort will be given to researching the idea to see if the idea can be a viable product. We at BGA receive their ideas with great confidence and seriousness; so as we proceed, we enter into a legal agreement with the ‘originator’ of the idea in order to protect both their idea and BGA’s investment. We then proceed with the development, testing, evaluations and eventually the production of the idea.

BGA still welcomes new lawn and garden concepts, for more information call toll free 1-855-665-3746.

Group of professionals in green shirts outdoors

Left to right: Andrew,  Patti,  Charlie,  Lila,  Keith,  Mike,  Tim,  Mel,  David, Eddie and Paul.